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The Full Story

Pasifika Maths is a collection of Mathematics skill videos aimed at Year 7-Year 10 students, in particular our Pasifika students. 

Time and time again we saw students and their extended family experiencing a disconnect in their education as a result of the language barriers.

At Pasifika Maths, we aim to remove those roadblocks to learning. Through a series of bite sized Mathematics videos, we are hoping to bridge the gap we have seen with Mathematics learning over time. 

The videos over time will be translated to different Pacific languages to make it accessible to the whanau so everyone can play a part in their tamariki's Mathematics journey.

The project is a living work which means as we move forward more languages will be added and more topics will be covered.

We love your feedback so please feel free to reach out and let us know what you would like to see in future modules and how we can help.

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